Testimonials -
Cooking and Education Classes

Deborah has a great sense of humor, and is obviously very knowledgeable. The information was easy to understand and fun to learn. I look forward to other classes.
Michelena Wolf
Sewickley, PA.
Kombucha Class

Presenter was personable and very informative. I most enjoyed the class.
Terry Klingensmith
Aspinwall, PA

Deborah is a great speaker, and is also very interesting.
Heather Snider
Pittsburgh, PA

I liked the detail of the presentation. I also really liked the depth of knowledge and sense of humor displayed by Deborah. I would tell someone to take the class to benefit from Deborah’s experience and knowledge.
Kombucha and Fermented Foods Class

I just started doing Deborah’s program 3 weeks ago. My sleep has improved tremendously and my cravings are lessening daily. I go to her classes to learn more .I am grateful for the all the many details and information about detoxing.
Ginny Dietrich.
Pittsburgh PA
Green Smoothie Program

Deborah is a good speaker with lots of energy. She really likes teaching and helping people. She was very knowledgeable about the topic and gave lots of useful nutritional and cooking tips.
Michael Ott
Allison Park, PA
Seasonal Eating Cooking Class


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Testimonials - Individual Program

"Every meeting with Deborah was uplifting. She took into consideration every aspect of my life (including my family) to ensure that I moved forward with my health goals. Deborah was very knowledgeable and had insight and sensitivity to my needs.

The program was very individualized. and full of great but pertinent information. She tailored each session to what I was able to change in my life as well as how I would be able to integrate the information without being overwhelmed. Deborah helped me to realize that the power to heal is within us and if given a chance, and with the right guidance, the body will heal itself. I feel not only healthier but stronger as a person. I have lost weight, my fibromyalgia and fatigue are virtually gone and my outlook on life has changed to being much more positive. I am feeling better and I have lots more energy! I have reached all my goals plus more. This program helped me to get my life back. I cannot be grateful enough  for Deborah’s help. I would tell anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves or anyone who wants to truly change their life to do a program with Deborah."

August 2008
Jennifer VanderWyk RN
Massage Therapist and Registered Nurse
Branford Connecticut

Working with Deborah was both easy and informative. She was very informative and listened to me closely making excellent recommendations as to what I should eat, how often and when I should eat. Her program helped me to reach my weight loss goal and more. It was easy to stay on track with all the good food I was able to eat. I incorporated her suggestions to just start walking for exercise and now I can easily say I have never felt better. I would highly recommend Deborah’s health coaching. and her programs.

Leonard Bartoletti
Retired Police Officer

This was my first detox program, and I can say that it was actually easier than I thought it would be. I had great results! I lost weight, had more energy and never once got constipated or had diarrhea!

Deborah explained everything to me before I began the program and even though we had weekly phone calls, if I had a question during the program she was always available. She was attentive and answered all my questions and concerns. She provided lots of information and the detox preparations were easy to use.

The recipes that Deborah gave me were great! I would definitely recommend the smoothies and the Pea Salad!

I plan on doing another detox in the fall. I highly recommend Deborah and her program.

Daneen Friel
Canonsburg, PA